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vol. 105

Biotechnological lactic acid production from low-cost renewable sources via anaerobic microbial processes

Andriy Anta Kacaribu
Darwin Darwin

  1. Department of Agricultural Industrial Technology, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  2. Department of Agricultural Engineering, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
BioTechnologia vol. 105(2) ∙ pp. 179–194 ∙ 2024
Online publish date: 2024/06/25
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Lactic acid (LA) production from microbial fermentation using low-cost renewable sources has emerged as an at­tractive alternative to the use of petroleum-based products. This approach not only offers sustainable solutions for waste management but also enables the production of value-added products in an eco-friendly manner. How­ever, to make this approach economically viable, optimizing the production process for high yield, productivity, and purity while minimizing costs is crucial. To address these challenges, various approaches have been pro­posed, including the use of neutralizing agents, high cell density cultures, co-cultures, fed-batch fermentation, and product removal strategies. Overall, this review underscores the potential of microbial fermentation for LA production as a sustainable and cost-effective solution to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly products. Further optimization of fermentation processes and the development of new microbial strains and fermentation techniques are key to advancing this approach. The production of LA through microbial fermentation presents a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to the increasing demand for eco-friendly products. With continued in­novation, we can expect to see a significant reduction in the environmental impact of industrial processes, coupled with a more cost-effective and high-purity source of lactic acid for various industries.

lactic acid, microbial fermentation, low-cost renewable sources, substrate and product inhibition, purification techniques

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