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vol. 105

Impact of Spirulina platensis biomass on the viability of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus strain during the freeze-drying process

Ivo Ganchev

  1. Trakia University of Stara Zagora, Faculty of Technics and Technologies of Yambol, Yambol, Bulgaria
BioTechnologia vol. 105(2) ∙ pp. 109–119 ∙ 2024
Online publish date: 2024/06/25
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In this work, we evaluated the protective capacity of Spirulina platensis biomass in preserving Lactobacillus del­brueckii subsp. bulgaricus WDCM 00102. The L. bulgaricus strain was freeze-dried in the presence of S. platensis biomass and the freeze-dried samples were then stored at 5 and 25̊C for varying periods. Subsequently, the samples were rehydrated and bacterial plate counts were determined. The results indicate that a concentration of 12% S. platensis biomass was highly effective in preserving L. bulgaricus. Commercial products with higher S. platensis biomass content exhibited greater protective capacity. While S. platensis biomass is well-known for its prebiotic properties, its protective role has not been previously reported or thoroughly explored. This study demonstrates the protective capacity of S. platensis biomass in preserving L. bulgaricus, a strain particularly sensi­tive to preservation processes.

Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp bulgaricus, Spirulina platensis biomass, freeze-drying, storage, cell viability, cryotoloerance

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